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I have some mobility and balance issues.  Are there some accommodations made for me?
We have a walker available for use that can be used to walk across when your team changes sides or to hold on to keep your balance while throwing your bags and to sit on while the other side is throwing.  We have a "grabber" that can be used to pick bags up from the ground, the board or in the hole.  We provide plastic chairs that can be used to sit on while your side of the board is not throwing.  Feel free to ask someone to bring the chair out for you.

I have been told I should not be in the direct sun anymore.  Is there shade on the court?
We do have boards that will be in the shade or partial shade.  These boards change throughout the year as the sun moves.  Please let us know when you give us your tag number and we will do our best to accommodate you.

I am concerned about overheating even in the winter.  How do members handle that?
We stress drinking plenty of water during play, especially in the 'hot and sunny' days.  You can bring your own water or get a bottle from our small fridge (donation 25 cents).  We also have air conditioning in the shed where you check in.  We keep the door shut during play when appropriate.  Feel free to take a break and cool off there.  Be sure to let someone know you are going to use the shed so someone can check on you occasionally.

Is there a bathroom nearby?
There is a ladies room and a mens room between the back parking area and our playing area.  It has a flushing toilet and running water (cold only).

Do you have first aid equipment?
We have a first aid kit on site, and we also have an AED (Automated External Defibrillator).  Several Club members have had training on how to use the AED.  In cases of emergency, a call to the Emergency Squad will be made by one of the Club members.

Last Updated: Monday April 01, 2024

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