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Celebrating National Cornhole Day
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First Member of The Chuck Norris Club!


We introduced The Chuck Norris Club at the beginning of play on Monday March 18, 2024.  Janet told her husband, Dave, that she was going to get one that day.  She went to her assigned lane and on her first throw, she did just that!

The latest list is in the frame below.

For the rules of the club, see The Chuck Norris Club under the tab "Let's Play".

Kings Point Corn Hole 2024

Congratulations to

Team 13 - Jude Landry and Star Clark for the overall win

Division A and Division B were both very competitive this year! The final 2 teams in each Division were determined in the last week of regular play!

Division A - The top 2 teams were tied with wins after the final week, the winner was determined by points.  Team 7 - Huber Stover and Sue Bowers won with more points, followed by Team 2 - Tim Johnson and Michael McGing.  These 2 teams played in a playoff match with Team 7 taking the win after 2 close games.

Division A Playoff winner - Team 2 -Tim Johnson and Michael McGing

Division B - The top team in this division was Team 11 which was Paul Holmes and multiple substitutes that played as his team mate throughout the 7 weeks!  His final team mate was Greg Bays who agreed to play in the finals on his team.  There was a battle for second place which ended up as Team 13 - Jude Landry and Star Clark.  The playoffs started with a quick win for Paul and Greg, then Jude and Star won in a close 2nd game.  The 3rd game was again a close game with Jude and Star winning the final game.

Division B Playoff winner - Team 13 Jude Landry and Star Clark

March 18, 2024 - Final Playoff for the League Winners
Team 2 - Tim and Michael started off the playoff match with winning the first game, which was a close game, Team 13 -  Jude and Star won the 2nd game, forcing a 3rd game to be played!  The 3rd match was again a close match with Jude and Star pulling out the win!

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