Kings Point Cornhole Club

Kings Point Cornhole Club

Thinking of Joining?

I am not sure if I want to join the Club. Can I play before I join?
Kings Point Corn Hole Club welcomes non-members to play with us before joining.  You can play for free the first time.  When you let us know you want to play, you will be given a green visitor tag number, and this will be placed on the play board for you.  Please remember this number as we may have more than one visitor that day.

My son visits me for a few weeks several times a year. Can he play with me when he is here?
Your son (or any guest you have) is allowed to play with us for free once.  We have a "Frequent Visitor" policy that your son could use.  A visitor can pay $5.00 per month and play as many games in that month as they wish.  The frequent visitor will sign into our visitor book.  It will include his/her name, the Kings Point Resident's name, date the month begins and ends.  The visitor's name will be handwritten on a pairings tag to be used on the pairing board.  The name will be removed when the month is up.  When the visitor returns, they are free to join for a month again.

I am a renter in Kings Point during the winter and am only here a few weeks at a time. Can I join the club?
Yes.  You can take advantage of the Frequent Visitor policy.  You would sign into the visitor book and leave the Kings Point Resident line blank.  You would get a handwritten pairings tag with your name.  That tag will be removed when the month is up.  You can use the Frequent Visitor policy as many times as you wish.  We suggest if you are going to use it more than twice that you join for the year.

Where are you located and how do I get there?
We are located in the North Sports Complex area (where the tennis courts are).  Please be at the Corn Hole shed located by the gazebo by 3:15 pm during our winter hours and by 9:00 am in our summer hours so we can process your information and get you set up for play.  Play begins after the cow bell is rung and announcements are made, about 3:30 pm in the winter and 9:20 am in the summer.

Where do I park?
Parking is either in the small area directly off Kings Blvd. or off the Winn Dixie golf cart path (adjacent to the lawn bowling area).  If you park in the small lot off Kings Blvd., park only on the pavement and not on the grass. If that lot is full, proceed to the Winn Dixie golf cart path.

Who do I look for when I get there?
Look for the sign on the fence for New Member sign up.  A Club member will be happy to assist you in the first day process and answer any questions.

If I do want to join the Club, what is the cost?
The annual dues are $15.00 per person.  The membership year begins January 1 and ends on December 31.  There is no prorating.  If you join in October, November or December, your membership will extend through the next year.

What do I do to join?
Application envelopes and pens are available in the shed.  After completing the information on the envelope, place your payment (cash or check) in it and place it in the metal box located to the right as you enter the shed, or hand it to a member at the shed.  Please write both your phone number and email address legibly.  We use email to send out notifications on a regular basis to keep you informed of Club happenings and when weather or court conditions cause us to cancel play for the day.  If you prefer not to receive email notifications, please let us know when you sign up.

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