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How do I know which side of the board to stand on?
The Score Pole also indicates your lane.  The score pole has two small hats at the top.  One hat is blue and the other is red.  Your bags are placed on the boards before you arrive.  The red bags should be on the same side of the board as the red hat and the blue bags should be on the same side as the blue hat.  People may have practiced before play started so please make sure the bags were replaced correctly.  You should stand on the side of the pole designated with your team color and use the bags of the same color.

How do I know who throws first?
In game one, the red team always goes first.  After that, the team who scored last goes first.  If there is no score in a round, the team who threw first that round will again throw first.  The second and third games are started by the team who won the previous game.

How do we win?
The first team to reach 21 wins the game. You do not have to score 21 exactly.  You exchange sides (but not bag colors) after each game.  Usually teams play 3 games, but that is up to the people playing.  Sometimes the players will want to change up the teams and play another game.  Play is up to the teams.  We want this to be fun for all involved.

I am not playing as well as I would like. Do you offer any instructions or clinics to improve my game?
We do not have any formal clinics scheduled.  See one of our Members at Large (they wear colored name tags) and ask them how you can arrange to have a volunteer work with you.  We have members who enjoy giving pointers that can quickly change your ability to score.

Are there rules I might not know about?
If a bag touches the ground and hops up onto the board, it is a dead bag and should be removed.  There are two other rules that we do not enforce except during tournaments or league play.

- (1) Faulting. If you extend an imaginary line from the front edge of the board toward each side, that is the fault line.  Your foot cannot touch the ground past that line before your bag leaves your hand.  If it does, your bag is removed before your opponent throws.
- (2) Throwing out of turn.  Throwing first has a real advantage.  If you throw first and your team had not scored last, that bag is removed.

How does scoring work?
Bags in the hole are 3 points each.  Bags still on the board after all bags are thrown are 1 point each.  There are two methods of counting, and you can choose which one works for you.

1. Count all red bags and then all blue bags.  Subtract one from the other and get a score.
2. Take off the bags that cancel each other and add up the remaining bags.

For example, there are two blue bags in the hole and one red one.  Take one blue bag and the one red bag out and count 3 points for the one blue bag.  Take off any red and blue bags from the top of the board that cancel each other and add up any remaining bag points.  Whichever way you come up with the score, the score is communicated to your teammates and added to the score pole.  Most say the number first and then the color, for example, "3 Blue".  If it is noisy, you might want to hold up the number of fingers as well.

Are the bags regulation bags?
Yes, they are.  They are 6 inches by 6 inches and weigh 16 ounces.  We have invested in stick and slick dual side bags.  The suede side will stick and the duck cloth side will slide.  As you progress in your skill, you will find that useful.

What is the distance between the front of each board?
We play the Senior distance which is 21 feet.

What is an Airmail?
"Airmail" shots are ones going straight into the hole without touching any area on the board.  Many times these bags end up behind the board and not directly under the hole in the board.  Please be vigilant and ensure any of these airmail bags end up under the hole in the board so the team gets proper credit.

What is a "Chuck Norris"?
Chuck Norris" is what we like to call it when someone gets all 4 bags in the hole during their turn.  While there are no extra points for doing this, it is not easy to do, so please congratulate the person who got a "Chuck Norris"!

What do we do when we are done playing?
While our equipment manager ensures that the boards are set up prior to play starting, we ask that the Club members return the equipment to the shed when they are finished.  We realize that the boards are heavy, so if you need help, please make sure you ask.  The score poles are broken down into two pieces.  The pole and the stand are twisted then pulled apart at the bottom.  Please ask for assistance if needed.  Corn hole bags should be checked for holes/frays.  Bags that ok are to be placed in the storage bags that are at your score pole.  If there are holes or frays, or the bag is leaking, keep it separate and advise the equipment manager.

Last Updated: Monday April 01, 2024

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