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How soon can I play after paying my dues?
Once you have paid your dues, you are a member in good standing.  You will be notified by email of your tag number.  Please give this number to the Club member at the shed who will retrieve your tag and give you your name badge. It may take a week or so to get your tag and name badge printed.  Because you are a member in good standing, if your tag is not yet ready by the next time you play, you will get a visitor tag for that day.  Your name badge has your tag number printed on it if you should forget.  We hope you wear your name badge every time you play as we are a friendly bunch of people who would like to know each other by first name.

What is with the yellow shirts? Not everyone was wearing one.
Yellow is our Club color for the color of corn.  While it is not a requirement to wear a yellow shirt, it is appreciated if our members wear one during play.  If you want to play in a tournament that our club is participating in, you are required to wear a yellow shirt.  Yellow shirts with our logo on them may be available for individual order at times designated by the Board.  If you are interested in purchasing yellow shirts, let a Board member know.

Am I allowed to play during nonscheduled play times?
Members may use corn hole equipment at any time.  Ask a Member At Large (look for their colored name tags) for the combination of the lock on the equipment shed door.  Please take special care so the equipment does not get wet or damaged.  Play outside of the hours designated for corn hole use listed on the posted signs can only be in the grassy area to the east of tennis courts 1 and 2.  Members are responsible for returning the equipment to the shed and making sure the shed is secured.

Can I bring a beverage to drink while playing?
We encourage everyone to stay hydrated, and you are welcome to bring any non-glass container to the courts with you.  Beer and bottled water are available in the small refrigerators in the front shed.  We ask for a donations of a quarter for water and $1 for a can of beer.  Place your donation in the can on top of the beer fridge.

Where can I get answers to other questions?
Board members have name badges with a corn hole court on them.  This is so you can identify members to answer your questions or take your suggestions.  We have four (4) Members at Large whose position is specifically to gather input from the members.  We feel Kings Point Cornhole Club is for its members, and we want your input.

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