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How do I know where I am playing?
Locate your tag on the pairings board. Your court number can be found in between the red and blue areas in the middle of the column containing your tag.  Courts are sequential.

How do I know who my partner is?
Four tags will be in your column on the pairings board.  The two tags hanging on the red background are partners (and throw red bags) and the two tags hanging on the blue background are also partners (and throw blue bags).

How do you determine who I play with and who I play against?
All tags have a colored dot on the back.  The color signifies the level of player you have identified yourself to be or the level others feel you are currently playing at.

When possible, we schedule like colored tags to throw against each other.  Partners might not be the same skill level but will be the same skill level as the person they are throwing against.

How do I know who I am throwing against?
The top tag on the red team is set up to throw against the top tag on the blue team.  This means these two players will be on the same board, one on the blue side and one on the red side.  Likewise, the bottom red tag and the bottom blue tag players will be on the board at other side of the court.  If you have visitors and prefer to team up with them for the day, just let us know and we can put you together.

What happens if there is not an even number of players?
Depending on how many people are "left-over" we do one of two things. If there are 2 people left to pair, they play singles meaning they walk from one board to the other for each throw.  We always check with those 2 players to make sure they have the stamina to do that.  If there are 3 players left to pair, the three can do one of two things.

  1. Two of the three choose if they will throw red or blue bags.  They will stand on the appropriate side of the two boards.  The other will walk from the red side to the blue side for each throw. In other words, that person will be on the winning and the losing team.
  2. Two of the three will choose to be red or blue.  The third player will throw the other color bags the entire game.  In other words, the one without a partner plays the entire game, playing on their own against the team of two.

What if I need to leave prior to start of play?
If you have to leave for any reason prior to play after reporting your tag number upon arrival, please let the members at the shed know so they can adjust the board to ensure full teams on each court.

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