Kings Point Cornhole Club

Kings Point Cornhole Club

How It All Began

While sitting around a picnic table one summer evening, in Minnesota, Ron and Don thought Kings Point would be a great place to start a Cornhole Club.  They returned to Kings Point and hit the ground running.  They created teams of people who knew construction so they could make the boards.  When yellow became the club's color, they designed the look of the boards and had board painting parties.  The club bought a sewing machine, and bags were created and filled with resin beads.  The last bit of the bags had to be hand sewn.  Scoring poles were designed and made.

While creating the equipment, they talked up the club.  They had those interested talking up the club.  It spread beyond what either of them had hoped.  The first bags were thrown in late 2018.

In 2020, Covid shut us down for a few months.  We were able to re-open when we designed a way for members to be able to throw while maintaining a distance of six feet from each other.

The location of our playing area has changed three times.  Our dues have stayed the same.  The number of members has grown to close to 200.

ron and don
Ron and Don 

Last Updated: Monday April 01, 2024

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