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Chuck Norris?  What does he have to do with cornhole?

No member of Kings Point Cornhole Club seems to know or remember why or when his name was first used to reference a "four bagger".  Somehow that name stuck and became a celebratory cry for having all four of your bags in the hole during one turn.  For many of our members, this feat seems impossible when they first join the Cornhole Club.  Many of us are thrilled when one or two bags go into the hole.  Some of us have personal experience with "choking" after the first three bags go in.  A Chuck Norris results in 12 points for your team and also earns you eligibility to join the Chuck Norris Club.  Membership is meant to be a goal and a celebration for all levels of play.

Rules of The Chuck Norris Club

  1. You must be a dues paying member of Kings Point Cornhole Club prior to getting your Chuck Norris.
  2. Your Chuck Norris must have occurred during 'club sanctioned' play.
  3. You must have been wearing your Kings Point Cornhole Club name badge when you got your Chuck Norris.
  4. Your Chuck Norris must be witnessed by a fellow Cornhole Club member who must also be wearing their name badge when you got your Chuck Norris.
  5. At the end of play on the day you got your Chuck Norris, you and your witness will go to the cornhole shed and fill out your entry form.
  6. A Board Member or Board Member designee will review your entry form and add a sticker to your name badge.
  7. Your entry form will be placed in the locked box on the left side wall inside the shed.
  8. Once you have 5 stickers on your name tag, you will get a sticker for every 10 Chuck Norris' after that. They all need to be documented as explained above.

Each month, a list of Chuck Norris new members will be sent to The SSC Observer for publication (and additional bragging rights) and posted on our website.

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